COLC’s staff is trained in Basic First Aid and CPR. If a more serious accident should occur, immediate steps will be taken to notify parents and secure prompt medical attention. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining accurate up-to-date information.


Evacuation and Intruder drills are held quarterly.

Tornado drills are conducted monthly.


In the event of an emergency evacuation, COLC will follow the directions of the Broken Arrow Office of Emergency Management. Information on the relocation center to which the children have been taken will be posted on the COLC door and will be released to media. The staff will remain in charge of the children in their care during an evacuation and while at the relocation center. Children will only be released to those persons authorized under normal COLC procedure.


COLC is a state of the art facility designed to provide your child with a safe, secure environment. Persons entering or leaving the building are “checked in and out” on a computer as they pass through the administration area.


Children are released only to those authorized by the parent. For added security a password system is used. Children will only be released to an adult. Children must be escorted to and from the classroom by an adult.


If you give permission for someone to pick up your child, you must contact us with the name of the individual. The individual must be able to provide photo identification. If we are unable to confirm authorization or identification of an individual, we will not allow that person to leave with your child.

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Safety Precautions

At Council Oaks Learning Campus we know that your child’s safety is of the utmost importance. We put safety first, from our safe age appropriate equipment on the playgrounds and in the classrooms, to the drug testing and background checks done on all Council Oaks Learning Campus employees. We have video cameras in each classroom with monitors  and intercom’s at the front desk for parents to see how their children are doing.

Outstanding Staff

Council Oaks Learning Campus prides itself on the fact that we employ some of the highest qualified, best early childhood teachers. Our staff consists of warm, nurturing individuals who are well trained to meet the needs of children. Their educational background and experience provide the foundation for a quality program for children.