Parent/Staff Communications

Parents are an important part of COLC. Parent involvement is encouraged so please feel free to talk with your child’s teacher or the Director at any time and visit or observe their classroom. Parents of enrolled children are permitted reasonable access to all parts of COLC during operation hours.


Each classroom is equipped with observation window and security cameras. Monitors are located in the administration area and can be viewed by the parent. Parents receive daily information regarding their child’s activities and any concerns the teacher may have.


A parent information board is located in the northeast hallway. Additional information relating to safety, licensing and compliance is posted and/or retained in the front lobby.

Guidance & Discipline

The basic philosophy and policy concerning discipline at COLC is that children need guidance rather that punishment. Children are learning to develop their own inner controls. Therefore, it is the responsibility of adults to guide them in this process. Limits are set and explained to the child. When a child oversteps these limits, positive guidance practices are used. These include redirection to another activity or separation from the current activity. No physical punishment such as spanking, hitting, or shaking is used. We believe that loving, firm, and consistent discipline is the most effective and appropriate way to guide your child.


Please dress your child appropriately for the vigorous activities of the day and in accordance with the weather conditions. Children will play outside as long as the temperature remains 48 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend all children wear socks and rubber-soled shoes. Changes of clothing, including socks and shoes, should be kept in the classroom. Please label all clothing items with your child’s name.

Personal Property

We are not responsible for loss or damage to clothing or items sent with your child. No student cell phones are permitted on campus or on field trips. No electronics, phones or toys may be used on the buses. No electronic devices are permitted. No music or movies are permitted.

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Age Appropriate Playgrounds

The playgrounds of Council Oaks Learning Campus are divided by age and/or physical development levels. The playgrounds are designed to meet the physical needs of the children and to promote gross motor development. In addition, areas for socialization, group games, sports and quiet time are provided.